“Shaman is believed to be a person with special abilities. The sacredness of the world, the experience of other shamans gives strength, and being elected…shaman acts in accordance with the new knowledge of life…taking this knowledge to the human world, bringing new knowledge that meets the needs of society.”

The makers of this uniquely capable ALL Terrain Vehicle took the name very seriously when creating this beast. Shamans were designed to protect people from bad luck and to be agents on the roads of life. The ATV on custom made adjustable low-pressure tires is designed to help people get in and out of trouble.

You might expect something of this nature to come fairly unappointed, but the modern interior has a fair amount of equipment and creature comforts including ergonomics, vehicle controls, etc.

Have a look at the site and some related video to get a better understanding of what this thing is capable of. The brochure you can download from the site is gorgeous as well.

ATV 8×8 Shaman | Авторос.


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