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The slim modern timepiece is a fixture, but not everyone does it right. While there are many more accessible (read: cheaper) models, this one is a classic.

The UNO 24 one-hand watch gives the wearer the chance to approach time in a slightly different way: It presents the entire day at a glance. During the course of each 24-hour period, the single hand of the UNO 24 completes just one full rotation.The watch’s special scale means that each time of day is indicated by an individual position of the precise hand.Even a fleeting glance is sufficient to show the wearer instantly and clearly how far the day has already advanced.

Klaus Botta came up with the display principle of the UNO wristwatch back in 1986. As later became apparent, he had thus developed the world’s first wristwatch to employ the one-hand principle. The UNO became a bestseller and was heaped with international design awards. Even though the UNO triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by other manufacturers, the UNO remains unique and, above all, the original.

You’ve got some options with this timepiece from case size (35mm-40mm), bands (metal, leather, rubber), date (with or without) and even a “black” edition. Pricing ranges from $460-$625. Enjoy!

24-hour watch • UNO 24 one-hand watch online | Botta Design.