If you saw last night’s show, you probably felt a noticeable difference. There’s been a major change in style, time lapse and the plot is moving at a decidedly deeper cadence.

By episode’s end, three years or so have passed, and some things have changed while others stay intractably the same. Between reconciliation with his mother, a second child and business moving forward, it seems things are moving along for Bill. The relationship with Mrs. Johnson aside, there’s a purpose and a momentum moving forward in the study.

Betty is right in the center where she was, but clearly not. Back in the office, but not as the lying wife, but jack of all trades for Bills busine–er study. Virginia’s doing what she always does – chases after Bill. We’ve moved forward, but at the same time we’ve not moved at all. It was oddly unsatisfying. (pardon the pun)

Masters of Sex Recap: The More Things Change — Vulture.