Parallels Desktop 10 announced with support for Yosemite, iCloud Drive, and much more | 9to5Mac

Whether you just want the latest and greatest version, the performance and added features or a way to subside the pain from banging your head against a table while trying to install a current developer beta OS, you can exhale. Parallels Beta 10 arrived yesterday. I downloaded it, I used it. And I declare it was good.

Today, the company announced the 10th major release of its industry-leading virtualization software for Macintosh and mobile. It has more of what makes Parallels so special: Performance, integration and features. Parallels has an important place in Apple history because it allowed many people who needed a few Windows applications over the last decade to buy and enjoy the Mac OS.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Users can now open Windows documents up to 48% faster
  • Battery life is extended by up to 30% giving people additional work time when they need it most
  • Virtual machines use up-to 10 percent less Mac memory
  • New virtual machines with default settings launch Office 2013 applications up to 50 percent faster
  • Virtual machine only takes as much disk space on the Mac hard drive as it needs. Real-time optimization automatically compacts virtual disk eliminating the need for periodic manual compacts.
  • Free Disk Space Wizard allows to review and clean up space used by Parallels Desktop and Virtual Machines

Now then, if you’re a Windows user looking for the most tried and true safety net to exploring Mac without ditching your OS, you’ve got something to check out. And, if you want to toy around with Yosemite without partitioning your hard drive, here’s your chance. Upgrades are $49 and a full install is $99. Enjoy!

Parallels Desktop 10 announced with support for Yosemite, iCloud Drive, and much more | 9to5Mac.