Remember that guy who would always get you extra stuff at the party if you brought a “friend” with you. Yea, it was kinda wrong, but you did it. T-Mobile seems to have taken a similar approach.

In response to Sprint’s new 20GB $100 plan that was announced earlier in the week for new customers, T-Mobile has decided that it wants all of the current Sprint customers that aren’t being offered this new deal to come on over to its promised land. Through current T-Mobile customers, Magenta is offering unlimited LTE upgrades to any current customer who brings over a friend from another carrier, including Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. That new customer will also receive the free upgrade to unlimited LTE. So pay it forward I guess.

T-Mobile Will Give You an Upgrade to Unlimited LTE if You Bring Over a Friend From Another Carrier | Droid Life.