Vine came out of nowhere with a pretty novel idea – capture and post 6-second clips and share with people. The concept was novel because it all relied on user generated content (a testament to restrictions they placed early on). And the fundamentals still stand, but with a twist.

Since the beginning, Vine has required users capture video footage as it happened. There is no upload function in the app, only record. In some ways, this kept Vine “pure” with original user generated content, forcing users to think about what they wanted to record ahead of time, then — like any budding film maker — recording take after take in order to get everything just right. When it came to creative types, this was discovered fairly early on and Vine became a sort of proving ground or platform for young people looking to gain some sort of internet fame. And it’s been working really well in that regard.

After introducing Loop Counts a few weeks back, Vine is back again with an update that allows users to finally do exactly what they’ve been asking since launch: upload videos from their device’s gallery/camera roll. So what do you think? Will the shift matter and should they have allowed uploads from day 1?

Vine is now allowing users to upload old videos.