Founders of up-and-coming footwear label Purified Footwear, Dominic Webster and Simon See have carved out a niche for themselves with their well-made, stylish and above all, classic footwear for both men and women, all made in Portugal and Britain. (imports!)

Coming from artistic and creative backgrounds, designer Dominic Webster – formerly the creative director of Six London – and artist Simon See remix traditional footwear styles with a contemporary edge and a bit of dandy flair (and you know what that means: bow ties and colors, although you’d never know it from their essentials). They stick to basic, vintage pieces in a color palette largely dominated by black. Vintage leather pieces like the fur-collared bomber jacket and steel-toe boots and an old black beanie mix nicely with contemporary pieces like the worn-in A.P.C. jeans (I’ve got my eyes on those). Capturing the duo’s creative side are the the Lloyd McNeil record and Anders Peterson’s City Diary as well as the versatile Olympus Pen E-PL1 for capturing it all. Enjoy!

Essentials: Dominic Webster and Simon See of Purified Footwear | Hypebeast.