SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight

Murphy’s Law. Whenever you need a flashlight, one will NOT be close at hand. But what if you can’t afford to worry about having a flashlight. What if you’re in law-enforcement and don’t want to mount something to your side-arm or wear a light on your belt. what if you don’t carry a weapon but don’t want to wear a head-lamp? Luminox has you covered in tech and style.

The SureFire 2211® Luminox® WristLight offers tactical light output that’s instantly accessible, and it also boasts an integral Luminox timepiece. This 2211 model—rechargeable via micro USB port—features a high-performance LED whose light is focused by a refractive optic into a broad, intense 300-lumen wall of light designed for tactical situations. Its Swiss-made Luminox timepiece is integrated into a lightweight, rugged body that straps securely to your wrist via a durable rubber wristband, and its watch-face features self-illuminated hands for low-light applications. This is the ultimate hands-free light and watch combination. The LED is even brightness-adjustable for different situations or to conserve battery.

Available at select dealers where Luminox pieces are sold for $795. Pro-tip: check out B&H for a great deal (only $550 + free $150 sonic defender earplugs). Enjoy!

SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight.