Mr Lyan's Bonfire Old Fashioned Pre-Bottled Cocktails - Master of Malt

I was out a few weeks ago and at the moment of truth (i.e – “What’ll it be, sir?) I just blurted out, “I’ll have an Old Fashioned.” The truth is there are only a few mixed drinks I’ll have and they’re typically spirits and soda mixes. The exception is an Old Fashioned but heck if I know how to make one. The truth is many bartenders don’t make them all that well either! Mr. Lyan’s Handcrafted Cocktails is trying to answer that, one mixed drink at a time.

The Bonfire Old Fashioned shows off how Mr Lyan’s creativity shines through, even with one of the most classic cocktails. Using Mr Lyan whisky, cola bitters and rare lapsang souchong tea, which adds an inventive smoky core to the cocktail, the Bonfire Old Fashioned is simply superb. The best part is all you have to do is chill, open and serve.

Available from Masters of Malt (linked below) for $44.99 a bottle (50cl)

Mr Lyan’s Bonfire Old Fashioned Pre-Bottled Cocktails – Master of Malt.