The Moto 360 has made an appearance on Best Buy’s website, complete with a price and specs. According to the retailer, Motorola’s Android Wear-powered device will retail for $249.99. While this could be the final price, there’s also a decent chance that it’s merely a placeholder.

Best Buy also lists the apparent specs of the Moto 360. First, it seems that the device will be powered by a Texas Instruments processor. The Moto 360 will also apparently be water resistant up to 3.3′ and the back will evidently be plastic, which makes sense for wireless charging. Best Buy’s listing does not include a release date, saying only that the device is “coming soon”. There’s also mention of a heart-rate monitor and some other features. It’s too early to tell, but it seems like the most anticipated Android Wear of the year is almost here.

Moto 360 shows up on Best Buy’s website for $250 | Android Central.