For now, this will have to suffice for Microsoft news. I’m sick of covering Xbox or Nokia updates for the time being. That being said, have you had enough of the Ice Bucket challenge videos stuffing up your feed? If course you have! Can you imagine what the world’s elite are thinking at the moment? Pretty much the same thing, I guarantee you.

A few days ago Bill Gates took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge and doused himself in a bucket of ice cold water in the name of charity. A mere 24 hours later, ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, takes the plunge, joining a number of other tech executives in the Ice Bucket Challenge list.

Ballmer took to his Twitter account (which he rather sparsely uses) to showcase his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, alongside his new SteveBClippers YouTube channel. This was probably Ballmer’s way of showing off his $2 billion recent purchase of the LA Clippers, so that’s two birds killed with one stone! Click through to have a look, but remember – there’s no difference between a rich fat old guy doing this and any old fat guy doing it.

Watch: Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge Too [Video] | Redmond Pie.