BlackBerry Passport gets sized up and reviewed once again | CrackBerry.com

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of the Blackberry Passport but as it stands, this might be the most anti-climactic release (see what I did there) ever. We’ve seen every angle, demoed the software and have spec sheets for miles. So the only thing left would be to have at it again!

This review comes from @seb997 on Twitter, who has been a source of leaks for days now including OS update info and plenty of pictures.

“So what do I think about it? I do like it, and like it a lot. Shape of this thing surely does not remind your typical mobile phone or typical Blackberry. Huge 4.5 inch square screen built into rather square-ish frame. But it makes sense from the moment you power it on. Screen comes alive and hits you with its sharpness. High resolution 1440 x 1440 with over 450 dpi, nothing like any other Blackberry to the date. And it works, super responsive, web browsing is really refreshing on Passport compared to any other Berry out there.”

Plenty of screen real estate AND a keyboard that’s gesture responsive. And it comes with the new Blackberry Assistant. If I didn’t love Android phones and all my apps so much I could be tempted.

BlackBerry Passport gets sized up and reviewed once again | CrackBerry.com.