Every year the most utilitarian devices, tools and commonly found items get more stylish and ergonomic. In this particular case we’ve got equal parts utility, innovation and style. Whether you plan to be out for a few days, a few hours, or in perpetuity because of a zombie apocalypse, having critical supplies in a compact weatherproof case is an essential part of preparation. These VSSL devices look like a finely machined flashlight, which is no accident. At 8″ long by 2″ in diameter, they’re made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum. and actually have an LED on one end and compass on the other.

Inside the tube are smaller “refills” each filled with supplies. The disks include: fire starters, first aid, can opener, trail markers, fishing tackle, rope, wire saw, whistles and more. And since it’s made of some serious metal, you can bash in someone’s skull with it, should it come to that.

The website linked below, is taking pre-orders for $89 a piece. Also feel free to check out the other variations: First aid ($59), shelter ($59) and the up and coming “Zombies” version which will contain a medical mask and a high tensile steel spike. No, I’m not kidding. (Also, $59) Enjoy!

Supplies – VSSL.