The startup OnePlus recently launched its first smartphone, the One, and to deal with production issues it’s been letting people buy them by invitation-only, slowly offering them to more people as more are produced. It’s a weird system, but today OnePlus is supplementing it with a horribly conceived and deeply sexist contest that allows women to jump the line if they’re willing to have a bunch of internet dudes vote on their appearance. The contest asks women to draw the OnePlus logo on their body (or on a sheet of paper that they’re holding) and then take a photo of themselves and post it in OnePlus’ forums. From there, the 50 “most well liked” will get a free T-shirt and have the option of buying the phone.

OnePlus is calling it the “Ladies First” contest, and it’s basically as awful as it sounds…

OnePlus asks women to participate in degrading contest to get a smartphone | The Verge.