One Night Stand Potion | Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Using 100 Anos tequila (national tequila of Mexico) One Night Stand Potion is a loose take on a Mexican coffee. Using agave, mixed origin South American chocolate, and Valrohna cocoa powder this sauce is shelf stable!

Never meant to be refrigerated and happiest as a chocolate martini with three parts vodka to one part sauce as well as great with sorbets (mango and pineapple), ice creams and fruits or in a coffee drink with a little whipped cream (Mexican “Irish” coffee), banana fondue.

Available in either four or 16-ounce bottles, and completely dairy free, this sauce is perfectly at home sitting on your bar, just waiting to upgrade your standard beverage with some chocolatey, boozy deliciousness. Enjoy! (4-oz for $8, 16-oz for $30)

One Night Stand Potion | Dude, Sweet Chocolate.