.99 Kryptonics Longboards

Skateboarding isn’t for everyone. That being said, if you or your child are looking to get into it, don’t invest much in your first board. You’re going to scratch it up, rough up the trucks, kill the wheels and go through tape like you wouldn’t believe. But I also wouldn’t advocate buying complete garbage. The thing is, a decent board is going to run between $75-$100 to start. Woot has got you covered with a selection of Kryptonics complete longboards in a variety of sizes and shapes (overall and tails)

These boards are made with 8-ply maple wood, have top graphics and clear sand spray grip tape. Each has ABEC 5 bearings and heavy duty aluminum trucks and riser pads. With a 90-day limited warranty, you’ve also got a little piece of mind. Use the money you save on a helmet and some pads/guards. Enjoy!

$49.99 Kryptonics Longboards.