Well look at that! One of the biggest names in Android has finally come to the table and approached the topic of unlocked bootloaders head on! I happen to own an LG G3 so this is particularly good news for ME!

Bootloader unlock policies are always a sticky situation. On one side you have the Android modding community wanting full control over the devices they’ve purchased, to do things like modify the software and flash custom ROMs. On the other side are manufacturers who’s hands are usually tied thanks to carriers making a locked down bootloader a requirement for phones operating on their network.

Senior XDA member Wolfgart mentions in a post on the developer forum that he received an email from LG stating that they are working on a software solution that will not only appease ROM flashing addicts, but avoiding stepping on the toes of carriers. The email essentially apologizes for locked bootloaders and points to future policy changes and unlock server access.

No timing or compatibility are even worth speculating on at this point. Still it’s a step in the right direction and a victory for the development and tweaking community!

Official: LG bootloader unlock solution coming soon.