Corey Stoll on His Strain Wig Journey -- Vulture

Have you been watching the new series, The Strain? If you haven’t, you’re excused. I actually didn’t make it passed a few episodes because it’s just not my kinda show. But plenty of folks go for the gory cheesiness. That all being said, watching Corey Stoll wear a full hairpiece is rewarding enough.

Granted, it’s not the first time the actor has worn a piece (he played a very memorable, very hairy Ernest Hemingway in Midnight in Paris), but on FX’s super icky eye-worms-and-vampires drama, he’s been made over to look like Billy Zane minus the eyeliner. Stoll talk about his affinity for comic books and his well-roundedness with the shows topic, and yes, the wig. He also talks about the new season of Homeland and his new friend Jane Fonda.

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Corey Stoll on His Strain Wig Journey — Vulture.