Icon Brand 2014 Fall/Winter Accessories | Hypebeast

If all it takes to add a little flare to an otherwise normcorp outfit is $15-$35 for one of these, count yourself in. Anyone who tells you men don’t wear bracelets is wearing a ring somewhere else..

Established in 2008, Icon Brand is a label specializing in masculine accessories inspired by things like music and travel. For Fall/Winter 2014, its extensive collection of stylishly original designs ranges from burnished, antique-style rings and necklaces to leather and fabric bracelets. Standouts from the bunch include pieces like the Americana-inspired Chicago Subway Token and Vintage Military rings, silver-toned metal necklaces with functional harmonica and headphone jack pendants, or the Black/Green flat leather bracelet featured above. Have a looks and maybe buy something. Not really a big investment…

Icon Brand 2014 Fall/Winter Accessories | Hypebeast.