Many believe that HTC’s UFocus feature is a little kitchy. The truth is I’d be able to grab some phenomenal shots and then make them even better, so who’s laughing now? Now, I’d never considered sharing the raw files pre-filter, but I guess it could be fun. HTC seems to think so, and they haven’t limited it to just other HTC One M8 owners. Keep in mind this is VERY much like Lytro’s web gallery, but how many people are walking around with a light field camera?

You can now share your UFocus photos with friends on the web. Sharing a UFocus-equipped camera shot will allow you to upload it to a public gallery. Simply share the link with your friends, and they can manipulate things such as focus, the foregrounder tool and more. The upgrade is sitting in the Google Play Store if you own an HTC One M8. Enjoy?

HTC Gallery update lets your friends get in on the UFocus fun.