STOLEN Spiced « Stolen Rum – Premium Aged Rum

Inspired by ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, the series of short films from Jim Jarmusch, Stolen has created a rum with a smoky toffee aroma in the nose, and a coffee, smoke and butterscotch finish in the mouth.

The distillation and aging takes place in the Caribbean for 2 years before being blended with natural spices and oils. The best tinctures of each ingredient are sourced from around the world. In this rum, Stolen uses Fenugreek from Morocco, Vanilla Bean from Madagascar and Arabica Coffee Beans from Colombia. Talk about a blend!

This rum is versatile, and can be used in all rum cocktails, as well as rye or bourbon based classics (but best served neat).

STOLEN Spiced « Stolen Rum – Premium Aged Rum.