Ohw? (Who?) shoes are designed by two footwear fanatics with a shared vision – to create a men’s shoe brand that not only delivers contemporary design, but backs it up with quality product and brand integrity. In light of this mission statement, every shoe that leaves the factory is signed by the person who made them.

Stephen Gill, together with business partner Hiro Chen, have a decidedly high set of standards. Being so busy with his business, Gill keeps to just the basics with his essentials, starting with a good set of headphones from Bang & Olufsen, a pair of MacBook Pros (one as a backup!), a black-on-black Nixon watch and simple black leather wallet, and a nice pair of sunglasses from Booth & Brace. His passport is always on hand – it oddly matches his own-brand pair of Farrell (style) shoes. A classy backpack that also ties into the shoes (which makes sense because it borrow the same materials – it’s actually a beautiful bag) and a clean Realm & Empire T-shirt (which just happens to match the shoes and passport), and what the heck – some Tiger Balm which has been a staple for him for over 25 years. You know what? I’m digging this set. Enjoy!

Essentials: Stephen Gill of ohw? Footwear | Hypebeast.