Unless your in Finance or Gaming, chances are you have 1-2 computer monitors, and that’s OK. But if you’ve only got the 1 (or two) and you don’t want every program running on your screen in Windows, what choice do you have? Simply, you can minimize them into the toolbar or close them altogether. If you’ve been rockin’ a Mac or an Ubuntu Linux box, you know what virtual desktops are all about. Windows, welcome to the modern computing era. Well, soon I guess.

Windows 9 (a.k.a Threshold) has already seen it’s share of leaks, but today comes the claim that virtual desktops will be one of the features to look forward to. Virtual desktops are exactly what they appear to be. The feature is useful for people who don’t use multiple monitors but would like to not be swamped with everyone on one single desktop. So they can create virtual desktops and clear up the clutter. Microsoft is currently testing this feature for Windows 9. Users will be able to create a new virtual desktop through a button on the task-bar and they will be able to jump between active desktops using a keyboard shortcut.

One caveat though: Its possible though that this feature may not make it out of the testing phase. Microsoft may also choose to not include it in the initial release and roll it out later through a separate update. I hope they stick with it. How about you?

Windows 9 To Feature Virtual Desktops [Report] | Ubergizmo.