It’s one thing for Verizon to run it’s business and customer service like a fascist regime, but another to talk to it’s customers like they’re a bunch of complete idiots. Which is exactly what they’re doing by reminding people that saying no to contracts means no longer getting discounted phones. Yep, that’s what they said.

Carriers sell customers on things like discounted phones at prices as low as a penny to get commitments, They aren’t letting you walk away with a new phone for next to nothing, rather you pay for that phone each month with a built-in, behind-the-scenes subsidy cost (think of it as a really bad loan). So each month, you are paying for that phone with a charge that won’t show up on your bill or ever receive a mention from your carrier of choice. By the end of your service agreement, you will have paid for that phone little-by-little, month-by-month, you just might not have realized it.Once your service agreement is over and that phone has been paid off, your carrier won’t cut the subsidy cost out of your wireless bill, so you continue to pay for that phone over and over again. See a problem there?

Verizon doesn’t think you do. Done drooling yet?

Verizon Thinks You are a Fool for Not Wanting a 2-Year Contract, Because You are Saying “No” to Discounted Phones | Droid Life.