When it comes to the latest and greatest apps, sometimes the new apps you get are only new to you. What I mean is that many apps take their sweet time getting to Android, leaving people like me wondering why. Remember the day Instagram came to Android? Well, today is not that day, but this app is about images as well.

Patience, however, has its virtues. The popular image editing application, Over, is now available on Android – a move that founder Aaron Marshall claims has been a top request for some time. In the new version, Android users will be the first to receive a few features, including full resolution photo saving, the ability to rotate text, and an improved store experience – all additions that will make their way to the iOS version, not that I care! I had tried the iOS version and thought it was adorable. Realizing it wasn’t available to me on my phone was a bit of a bummer.

Over is now the core product for the company, formerly known as Potluck, though it still has some spin-offs like Obaby (a baby-focused version of Over) live in the App Store. While those generate some income, Over is the app being actively developed, and for Android, it will be the only application – at least for now. Longer-term, Marshall says the plan is to roll out a suite of related apps that help people be creative on mobile devices.

I’ll be putting this app through it’s paces over the next few days, but I expect great things. Normally $1.99, it’s available for $0.99 as part of the Android release. Available on Google Play.

Over Brings Its Photo-Editing App To Android.