The Samsung Galaxy S5 was met by many with ire over the fact that the manufacturer once again went to it’s go-to material, aka polycarbonate (plastic). That premium feel you get from an HTC One or an iPhone 5s just isn’t there. Not to say there’s anything wrong with plastic, but the consumer wants what the consumer wants.

A few months back rumors of the Galaxy Prime, later reconfirmed as the Galaxy Apha surfaced. At first it seemed this was an upgraded S5. The fact that the company would launch something like this right on its heels also irked a few people. In truth the Alpha is NOT an jacked up S5, but rather a variant sporting Samsung’s “new” materials. It is however VERY thin as is evidenced by the comparison shot against the iPhone.

The screen is NOT bigger (or even the same) at 4.7″ and 720p resolution. The 12MP camera is also not going to run rings around the S5’s 16MP shooter. Heck, it’s not even waterproof like the S5. But it does sport a metal frame with some familiar stylizing and joining. So maybe Apple and/or HTC should just get the injunction process started now – in the interest of expediency.

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