The point: Learn all you need to know about the most frustrating yet entertaining pitch in baseball: the knuckleball. For some reason, Dave Clark has spent most of a lifetime studying the knuckleball, talking to the major league pitchers who have thrown it, and throwing a few of his own. His book explains the strange workings of the pitchand how it’s used, no matter what your interest—whether you’re a pitcher, batter, catcher, umpire, coach, spectator, or parent of any of the above. Everything Mr. Clark demonstrates in The Knucklebook is carefully illustrated with line drawings, so if you’re an average high school pitcher who can throw strikes, you’ll be able to throw a knuckleball exactly like a legendary Hall of Famer. I’m sure you’ve been looking for some guidance on this!

You’ll find comments from those who have experienced the game of baseball as it’s been affected by the “wandering floater”. Like those who throw the knuckler, all this information was scattered to far-flung corners of the baseball world until Mr. Clark gathered and compiled it. Thanks Dave! Reading his little book, you’ll end up less mystified and more enlightened about this antic pitch. If for some reason you should want this book, click through and buy it on Amazon for $17.96. Enjoy!

The Knucklebook: Everything You Need to Know About Baseball’s Strangest Pitch – the Knuckleball: Dave Clark: 9781566636612: Amazon.com: Books.