Here's how Microsoft plans to take over NFL sidelines

Updated: (Didn’t work out perfectly, at first: HERE)

To go along with the introduction of a new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8, Microsoft has revealed how it plans to help professional coaches and players during the games. As part of an ongoing partnership with the National Football League, which began last year and was reportedly worth $400 million over five years, Microsoft created what it calls a Sideline Viewing System. The new system is powered by Surface Pro 2 tablets, and it allows NFL teams to review photos of plays instantly on the sidelines and up in the booths. Reviewing plays, formations, etc are all par for the course, as is drawing directly on the screen as you’d expect.

Just as an FYI, the Surface tablets on the field operate under a private network created by the NFL, which is how the league plans to keep the sensitive photo-viewing app closed off and away from any potential intruders.

This certainly isn’t the first time Microsoft has ventured onto the football field – placement of really, really big Surface logos everywhere, as well as many other things behind the scenes were the previous go-to. The Sideline Viewing System made its debut on Sunday, during this year’s preseason opener game, between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

Here’s how Microsoft plans to take over NFL sidelines.