Here’s yet another Kickstarter I can get behind. And just so we’re clear, there isn’t enough money in the world for me to get in on all of these, no matter how good they are, but this one’s affordable. It’s a tiny, easy home monitoring system. I have my own wireless video security and alerts setup at home. But I have technical skill and know how to buy all the necessary devices. This certainly takes the guesswork out, makes it affordable and ridiculously easy to use.

Blink is a unique home monitoring system that’s accessible, simple to set up, and equally perfect for renters or homeowners. The stylish, totally wire-free design houses innovative HD video technology, plus motion and temperature sensors, to deliver instant home insight through the Blink app for your iOS or Android device. Get as many as you want, put them where you want and sync them to your network. It sounds like it really is that easy. More than fully funded and not risky to produc, this seems like a great bet at as little as $70. Enjoy!

Blink: Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System by Blink — Kickstarter.