Want another reason to hate Verizon? Of course you don’t, but they’re going to be giving you one if you’re a data-hungry user clinging to your unlimited data program. For a fleeting moment XLTE promised to keep Verizon loyalists with their carrier. But Verizon had other ideas…

In case you missed the story when it first broke, Verizon is going to be doing some network optimization by capping data speeds to grandfathered unlimited plans. The problem isn’t that Verizon is trying to give everyone a better experience. It’s that it is targeted. As the FCC chairman alludes to in his letter, why should there be different treatment to unlimited data users?

A MORE Everything plan with 10GB of data might actually use more than an unlimited data user. But there isn’t going to be throttling for them or lessening their experience to help out other customers. Point blank: Unlimited data user is only paying $29.99 for their data plan, whereas that 10GB MORE Everything package runs $100. Chairman Wheeler certainly has a point in asking that Verizon prove that this isn’t just another ploy to make money and I agree!

Yesterday afternoon, a letter from FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead concerning the wireless carrier’s plans to throttle unlimited data users under its “Network Optimization” policy stole headlines. Wheeler was clear in his letter that he is both “troubled” by and concerned that this move is nothing but a chance for Verizon to add to its revenue streams. He finished by asking for a response from Big Red to three specific questions.

Verizon Plans Response to FCC Over Throttling, Stands by Its Network Optimization | Droid Life.