At-home programs generally fall into two groups: A large majority of useless ones and an elite few that when followed diligently can actually yield results. P90X has long been revered to fall into that great second group. My issue with in-home programs is that not everyone has the drive to keep doing them or the form to do them right. When you’re undertaking advanced programs, it pays to have some supervision. While this is no substitute (and admittedly has me chuckling) I can see why it would be a good value proposition and a great medium.

P90X for Xbox Fitness brings a 30-day version of the three-month slim down to your living room via the Xbox One with five new routines in-tow. The video-based workout curriculum will leverage the Kinect to keep an eye on your form along the way as well. As you may recall, trainer Tony Horton has already served up P90X and Insanity workouts for Redmond’s fitness efforts, alongside Jillian Michaels and others. Forking over $60 today gets you the month-long challenge, and there’s a downloadable calendar and nutrition plan coming next moth.

Slim down at home with P90X for Xbox Fitness.