The Cortana voice assistant upgrade in the latest iteration of Windows Phone has commanded a large portion of attention. Personable, digital voice recognition features help connect the user to their device, so it’s no surprise that folks go gaga over them. In a new ad to promote Windows Phone 8.1, the software giant has pitted the Lumia 635 and Cortana up against the iPhone and Siri.

The new 30-second clip sees the user first ask Cortana to remind him about their anniversary next time his wife calls him. Cortana responds promptly, whereas Siri can only muster an “oh no, I can not do that,” and when the user also tasks Cortana with reminding him to pick up flowers next time he happens to be passing by a flower shop, Siri is once again unable to compete. Sounds like MS has taken a page out of IFTTT book by incorporating conditions and actions. Good for them.

Microsoft remains in the background in the race over smartphone platform market share. That being said, Cortana was a feature that really needed to be solid right off the bat, especially since it’s coming together quite nicely.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana Ad Puts Apple’s Siri To Shame [Video] | Redmond Pie.