LG G3 versus HTC One M8 | Android Central

Two very nuanced approaches to the Androif flagship make for some tough questions. The HTC One and The LG G3 are very different. From materials to cameras. from UI feature sets, these manufacturers have very obvious differences in how they go about making a phone.

The LG G3 may look like metal, but it’s plastic. With a QHD screen measuring 5.5″, you’d imagine it being a monstrous phone, but it’s only a hair bigger than the HTC. It’s also rocking a QHD display that will knock your socks off. The color isn’t perfect (when is it ever), but it’s so crisp! It’s also got a third gig of RAM, not something most phones have ever really offered. And for good measure, it’s go built in wireless charging meaning it’s back door comes off, and its battery is swap-able.

But reading and regurgitating an article (as I often do) isn’t going to cut it. I’ve gotten my hands on a G3 loaner and will be putting it trough it’s paces over the next few days. Will I come out wanting to make a trade? I’ll be sure to let you know. For now, see what the brains at AC have to say about this comparo. Enjoy!

LG G3 versus HTC One M8 | Android Central.