Adidas Wmns ZX 6000 ( M25116 ) | Overkill Shop Berlin

I can’t condone this kind of behavior. It’s one thing to slap camo on anything and everything and call it fashion (I admit to falling prey myself), but yet another to not only muck up a classic kick with snakeskin, but also use a ridiculous colorway along with it. Such is the case with the new Adidas Womens ZX6000 (M25116).

Remaining true (in shape and intent, one can hope) to its original silhouette, this particular iteration sports faux (yes faux!) snakeskin overlays, off-white mesh panels, a mustard-colored sole unit (ugh!), as well as teal and red accents throughout for added “pizzazz”. The adidas Originals WMNS ZX 6000 “OG Snakeskin” is currently available at select stockists around the globe, including Overkill below. But if I see you wearing them, you’re getting snickered at. That’ll be $200 plus shipping handling and embarrassment, please.

Adidas Wmns ZX 6000 ( M25116 ) | Overkill Shop Berlin.