‘Fargo’ Renewed for Season 2 at FX — Cast Details | TVLine

I picked up Fargo the moment it hit FX and watched it loyally week to week straight through to the end. It was off-beat, oddly engrossing and well written. Many subtle queues and references were made throughout and the foreground was plenty on its own. So what next? Well, FX announced yesterday that it will be back late next year, but not how you think.

[If you have’t seen the first season, maybe hold off on the rest of this post. It’s not quite a spoiler, but heck, there’s plenty of references, eh.]

Per the cabler, the new 10-episode chapter (to launch in Fall 2015 at the earliest) will feature all-new characters (played by all-new actors), a new period of time and a new true crime story. But because of how real and authentic they made the first, the prequal will star an all new cast with many new characters. Here’s what we know:

  • The prequal will take place in Sioux Falls in 1979 (a younger Molly’s Dad, and Police Lieutenant) based on that ominous conversation Lou and Lorne had in one of the final scenes.
  • Holly’s mom and what happened to her (perhaps) will be a part of the story
  • Setting is Laverne, MN and Fargo ND.

If this thing shapes up to be as good as the first season I am going to lose my mind watching this one! Incidentally, did you watch it?

‘Fargo’ Renewed for Season 2 at FX — Cast Details | TVLine.