The VYPER by Hyperice by HYPERICE — Kickstarter

If the brand HYPERICE sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard about – or seen – their equipment. Combining compression and cryotherpary using innovative materials and designs, athletes around the world have been belting on and strapping up sore or injured extremities with really positive results.

This time around, Anthony Katz and team are bringing their latest piece of equipment to market via Kickstarter. Dubbed VYPER, it’s essentially a very well designed and executed foam roller with precise vibrator motors built in. The materials were carefully picked, there are different speeds and the device can be used to warm up, exercise, recovery or perform physical therapy.

As usual the early birds are gone already, but for $199, you can get in on the first production run scheduled for delivery in November of 2014. Whether this price point will make sense for an industry where foam rollers are already overpriced (my opinion) has yet to be seen. I use of and think it works wonders. I don’t doubt that a well made one with adjustable pulsating vibration wouldn’t loosen up muscles and help recover. But do I want to pay that much? Have a look at the video on Kickstarter and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

The VYPER by Hyperice by HYPERICE — Kickstarter.