HTC One E8 hands-on | Android Central

A couple of months after the launch of the HTC One M8 leaks of a plastic iteration designated at emerging markets surfaced. The HTC One E8 is a mashup of multiple HTC designs from the recent past, translating the high-end experience of the M8 into a less expensive package. China, Russia and India can expect the E8. And the verdict: And as it turns out, transplanting the M8’s guts into a soft-touch plastic shell makes for a pretty compelling smartphone!

Soft-touch plastic reminiscent of the Droid DNA, colors that channel the Butterfly line and very decent set of internals matching the M8 are all present, with the exception of a more traditional 1-camera 13MP setup out back. The pictures are nothing more than decent, but that’s OK. Should you think that the premium feel is lost with the alloy, fear not. It ends up being lighter in the hand (yet grippy) and the extra pixels outperform the m8 (at least during the day).

HTC One E8 hands-on | Android Central.