Anyone who’s rocking a nice roll-top backpack AND a leather jacket in their Essentials collection is going to get my attention. Such is the case with G-Eazy. This Oakland, California “Hyphy”-inspired newcomer looks like he’s got talents that extend passed his singing and songwriting. A life in and out of the studio requires a little versatility, which can be seen in his collection.

Keeping his MacBook Pro, Apogee Audio Interface, Audio-Technica earphones, and an iPhone 5S (and extra juice a la Mophie) on hand are crucial. He packs all of this gear in an archival roll-top backpack and a Stampd leather lunch bag. APC denim and a pair of Air Jordan 1’s keep him in style. His trademark comb-over haircut is complimented with his favorite product, “Fiber Grease,” and an essential Izola brass comb. Being a bourbon and whiskey aficionado requires a mature palette; G keeps a bottle of Boulleit Bourbon handy. Enjoy!

Essentials: G-Eazy | Hypebeast.