A new longerer variant of the Dreamliner – the 787-9 – is about to enter passenger service with Air New Zealand. That extended aircraft is also on display for would-be airline customers this week at the Farnborough Airshow, just south of London. Why you ask? To let people know what it’s “capable” of.

With a very light load on board, Boeing’s able to show off its latest plane with some extreme maneuvers, including steep takeoffs (and I mean uncomfortably so) and high-bank turns (this thing looks like a fighter, not a commercial airliner) just feet off the ground. There’s a moment in the video when you think the plane has landed and it just leaps back up into the air. I would love to meet the guy rolling around in that thing.

Have a look at the video for yourself. When’s your next trip? 🙂

The Big Picture: Boeing 787-9 performs extreme maneuvers at Farnborough.