Custom-fitted earphones are ridiculously expensive, right? Not any more. These days music has taken over more and more of our lives, but it’s something we don’t necessarily want to share with the world while we enjoy it. Sound leaking out is the biggest problem with one-size-fits all ear buds. Does your ear canal look like anyone else? Exactly.

For $199.99, Normal will build you a set of headphones tailored to every weird curve and bend of your earlobe. Each pair is unique—even your right earphone will differ from your left. Normal, which will start shipping its personalized products in August, hits geekdom trifecta: it’s mobile, 3D printed and wearable. Here’s how it works. Normal’s app uses your iPhone or Android camera to take a series of photos of your ear hole. In-house software uses the data to 3D print a custom insert made just for your ear. “People have been talking a lot about 3D printing–and there a lot of trinkets and toys and prototyping– but this is an awesome consumer application,” says Nikki Kaufman (founder). “The headphone space is crowded. We think Normal fills void for custom fit and incredible sound.”

Besides shape, Normal’s app lets you customize every aspect of your earphones: the color of the ear insert, the hardware and the length of the cord can all be chosen. Good stuff!