With Google Glass and Android Wear, Mountain View has already invested a lot of time and resources into developing the next-generation of wearable tech, but it’s another of its eye-focused projects that has today hit a new milestone. The search giant’s secret Google[x] team has confirmed that it’s licensed its smart eyewear to healthcare specialist Novartis, which will develop the technology into a product that can improve eye care and help manage diseases and conditions.

As part of the agreement, Google[x] and Novartis’ eye care division Alcon will create smart lenses that feature “non-invasive sensors, microchips and other miniaturized electronics” and focus on two main areas. The first will provide a way for diabetic patients to keep on top of their glucose levels by measuring the sugar levels in their tear fluid, feeding the data back to a smartphone or tablet. The second solution aims to help restore the eye’s natural focus on near objects, restoring clear vision to those who are only farsighted (presbyopia).

Most people thought (or still think) Google glass is a bit much. But imagine the longer term implications of wearable tech getting this intimate. I’m all for monitoring illness and fixing vision, but you’ve gotta know that all sorts of enhancements will be available as well…

Google strikes smart contact lens deal to track diabetes and fix farsightedness.