If you thought the folks walking around perpetually donning Google Glass (not the most inconspicuous of gadgets) wasn’t enough – they’ll now be sticking another sensor on their heads to control the device with their thoughts. After all, the whole winking and touching your temple thing was getting old anyway!

Rather than winking to take a photo, Google Glass owners can now command their connected eyewear to snap a shot by thinking it. Using brainwave mapping and the MindRDR software, Google Glass owners can pair their devices to a Neurosky EEG biosensor that would pick up their electroencephalography or EEG brainwaves. The hardware cost of the biosensor is another $80 on top of Glass’ $1,500 asking price, and to accomplish this task Google Glass owners would have to wear yet another contraption on their heads; the software is free from London-based startup This Place. Have it folks!

Hack Google Glass to let your brain control it | Android Central.