Cole Haan ZeroGrand : Men’s Brogues, Wingtips & Oxfords | Cole Haan

Innovative Oxfords you say? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Well no actually. Cole Haan has made a name for itself by creating some very interesting, innovative pieces of footwear. Whether it’s the use of materials, the Nike collaboration or just their own sense of style, they’re definitely a go-to.

So how does one take the modern oxford to the next level? How about by using welded seems and lightweight materials to cut down on the overall number of components. What’s more, an EVA outsole, spine, and foot bed also help reduce weight — each shoe only weighs around 290 grams (based on an 8.5 size). The upper is made from polyurethane die cut sheet stock and polyester rip-stop textile, allowing it to stay rugged while providing a more modern look, and making it ideal for all-day wear. They also look phenomenal. Yours for $280. Available in suede as well.

Cole Haan ZeroGrand : Men’s Brogues, Wingtips & Oxfords | Cole Haan.