Oh Kickstarter, the joys your platform has the potential to bring. As of late it’s felt like a one-stop-shop for awesome tools and this week is no different at Tool Pen rises to the popular list. With over a month to go and having long-past funded its self, there’s well over $100,000 in the coffers waiting to turn into the smartphone of your toolbox. Ranging for $45-$85 (depending on colors, sets, etc) there’s plenty to get excited about.

Tools are always big, ugly and in the case of bits, require some sort of storage. Inspired by “Pop-A-Point” rainbow pen & mechanical pencils, the makers found a smart way to collect and swap bits more easily & flexibly. Simply insert and interchange demanding bits into the pen, all are compactly organized inside that you’ll never worry to lose any.

The Mininch Tool Pen is housed in solid brushed aluminum. Each pen comes with 6 bits, and each bit is layered over the next in tailor-made hexagon barrel. There are 13 most popular types of bits you choose, including Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Hexagon (Hex), and Star; all are constructed from high-quality, milled S45C carbon steel. They allow you working on the bits that fit your bike, furniture, cabinet, laptop, electronics, hinge and latch, outdoor equipment, and general household essentials anytime & anywhere. Not bad, right?

Tool Pen – Makes Everything Beautiful by mininch — Kickstarter.