Product Information | Tango PC

The order and configuration page is up on my browser, I’ve selected the upgrade model with the most RAM they offer out of the factory and a larger hard drive. The thing’s got an AMD A6 Quad-Core 2Ghz processor with integrated GPU, DDR3 RAM, an SSD hard drive and runs Windows (7, 8, whatever.) With an HDMI port, 2 USB2, 1 USB3, Ethernet, internal WiFi , headphone and mic jack, the things tops out at $589.

Not bad for a decent laptop or barebones PC, you say? How this – the entire thing fits in your pocket and with a couple of $99 docks, you could literally wake up and use it in the morning, undock and take it to work and pick right up where you left off. Wait, what? Yes my friends, it’s a high performance unit that could replace a PC, laptop, game console etc. and at that price its a formidable little number. So yea, I covet it.

Per the website: “For those not happy with a litter of work PCs, home PCs, entertainment PCs and Gaming consoles lying around everywhere, we present the world’s most powerful pocketable PC. Tango™ is smart phone sized, has a laptop strength CPU and an integrated Gaming GPU. It runs Windows 7/8, Ubuntu Linux and Chromium OS. Tango is Officeable, Entertainmentable and Gamable.” Amen. Oh, and BTW, another round of funding is being worked on Kickstarter after a great start on Indiegogo last year.

Product Information | Tango PC.