All of these mockups that have been floating around might lead the causal observer to believe that the latest incarnation of Cupertino’s device would be less than attractive. Is Apple known for unappealing looking devices?

For months, physical mockups, display components, front covers, and schematics for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 have leaked on the web. However, the physical reconstructions and diagrams simply do not do the potential design of the redesigned smartphone justice. Based on recent reports and earlier part leaks, designer Mark Pelin has created a set of iPhone 6 design renders that might just be the clearest and nicest looking view of the potential phone.

The issue has been that what we have seen has been either in pieces or created as a mold. You’re not going to get the finished product that way. If I were an Apple fanboy, I’d be more concerned with battery life and display size that the look of it.

These iPhone 6 renders show design details that physical mockups ignore [Gallery] | 9to5Mac.