Chevy-powered Lola Mk. 6 could fetch " million - Car was its owner's middle-finger to Ford - Road & Track

What’s this, you ask? This is the car that inspired the Ford GT40, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s got a Ford Engine. Its original owner specifically requested that Lola remove the Ford V8 and install a Traco-modified Chevrolet V8. That’s how they flip you the bird in Texas.

Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari weren’t exactly the best of friends. Enzo toyed with Ford, and Ford was so fired up that he poured money and engines into the Lola outfit, transforming the Lola Mk. 6 into the GT40. As the program was getting into full swing, Ford tried to buy all of the extant Mk. 6s. According to RM Auctions, the wealthy Texan owner of chassis No. 2, John Mecom, was approached. He listened to the pitch. He listened to the Ford representatives insult his home state. He lost his patience and refused to sell. That’s when he dropped in a more powerful Traco-Chevrolet unit as a gesture to Ford. Ha!

Restored a number of years ago, it’s still packing the 530-hp Traco-Chevy v8 engine ans is expected to command over $2M at auction in Monterey.

Chevy-powered Lola Mk. 6 could fetch $2 million – Car was its owner’s middle-finger to Ford – Road & Track.