Verizon customers (like myself) prided ourselves on the shear awesomeness of our network until about a year ago. Suddenly things started to get, um, sluggish. Network saturation from a combination of new subscribers and data hungry Android users (like myself) had taken a perfectly good network and rendered it obsolete. But not to fear, for Verizon responded in good time with an upgrade called XLTE. Overnight things shot through the roof and I was able to achieve near-broadband speeds on my phone. And as of now, I am certainly not the only one.

Verizon announced last week that it has already expanded its XLTE coverage to over 300 markets, just over a month after it launched the original 250. Over 70 new markets are seeing the increased speeds, thanks to XLTE.

Feel free to browse the list at http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/4g-lte.html

Verizon XLTE Network Now Covers 300+ Markets | Droid Life.