Another week and somehow homebrewing is back on my mind. But this isn’t just a post about the concept, but rather a deal to be had. These gadgets are typically $200 and up, making the limited-time offer of $90 shipped a steal.

FastFerment is a new food-grade plastic conical fermenter entering the market. It is designed to improve wine making and beer brewing experiences and more importantly, the quality of your finished product. FastFerment is apparently easy to use, efficient and economical in both purchase price and total cost to own and use.

FastFerment does a few things differently to get the job done. First off, the primary and secondary fermentation happens in the same chamber making it a much easier proposition. The bottom of the device has a collection ball that can be released and sanitized to remove sediment during fermentation rounds. Once fermentation is complete, a female couple with hose adapter can move your finished product directly to bottles or into a filter process before consumption. The rig is larger than most giving you more capacity and doesn’t require transferring the product during the process. Wall mountable too! Have a look and enjoy!

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