Bemoaning the fact that the smartwatch / band market segment has become a free-for-all of LEDs and tech-looking bulk, it’s about time a maker introduced something that would make you WANT to part with your go-to wristwatch. Withings has apparently listened to what the market has to say in designing and releasing it’s Activité.

The piece is a fashion-focused watch and it really looks good. The clean Junghans-esque design is something to be appreciated given what the field looks like. Moreover, the Activité reflects an interesting approach to the smart watch concept: by hiding the brash technical aspects of the product, in theory it will be more wearable.

The Activité was designed in Paris and built in Switzerland. Inside the stainless steel case is a Swiss-made quartz 36.3mm movement called “Connected Movement” that automatically adjusts to local time when the wearer changes time zones. It achieves this by syncing via Bluetooth with an iOS device adjusted to the correct time. With a connected app, a regular watch battery that doesn’t need charging (rather yearly replacing) it certainly speaks to a portion of the market. But will people shell out $390 on it? You tell me!

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